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Sift Hawaii is passionate about mindfully creating beautiful cakes and other treats for your enjoyment. 

We are proud to offer 100% vegan cakes, with gluten free and refined sugar free options. We create delicious treats using organic, local, sustainable, and plant based ingredients. 

We are mindful about our environmental impact, producing as little waste as possible. We opt for recyclable materials and ingredients in paper rather than plastic.

We use organic house made almond milk, source local Kona coffee, local florals, fair trade cocoa, and our vanilla extract is made using Maui Vodka and fair trade vanilla beans from Tonga.




Dark Chocolate + Chocolate Ganache

Lemon + Lemon Lime

Haupia + Haupia (Coconut)

Matcha + Salted Tahini

Cardamom Coffee + Espresso Buttercream

Chocolate Whiskey + Chocolate Ganache

(note: all flavors are vegan. gluten free available for all flavors)


About Rebecca

Rebecca Marti learned to bake in the second grade and has since been spending most of her free time in the kitchen. She likes to read recipes and cook books, watches The Office, and swims in the ocean. She has been evolving her food philosophy and baking skills for many years now. Out of the searching, discovery, and creative process, came Sift Hawaii.

Rebecca resides in Kaka'ako and is also a barre teacher at Sweat + Soul Studio.



Wanna have your cake and eat it, too?